Remove SNS Nails Safely and With Ease Like 1…2…3….

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Picture this: You just step into the nail salon, and so many choices are there for you, from the manicure style to color to nail shapes! For example, you may like the trendy neon with a square nail shape and of course, SNS nails. SNS nails in Phoenix are the latest nail trend that you may not want to miss, especially when you are mani-obsessed!




Some Pro Tips to Remove SNS Nails With Ease and Simply


Well, women love SNS nails, and the reason is its durability and natural feel indeed! On the other hand, SNS nails are lightweight and last longer than acrylics, around three to four weeks with fading and chipping.


But after that, carrying the chipped manicure may not be your thing, and if you want to remove those, you can follow the below pro tips at home:


Buff the top coat:


This one is the first step to removing SNS nails! Eliminating the shiny top layer can ease the process, and you don’t have to put enough effort into clearing the powder layers underneath. Use a nail buffer until your nails remain no more glossy!


Soak the cotton ball in acetone:


Once you have removed the top layer, soak a cotton ball in acetone to wrap each fingertip to remove the colored powder. Leave your nails for twenty minutes like this!


If you are using nail polish remover, it may take longer than with acetone. Also, when you don’t have pure acetone or remover, nail polish can work. But it should contain acetone!


Rub the rest SNS!


After twenty minutes, check the nails one by one! If there’s anything left, soak the nails a little bit longer and rub the nails again.


Was it helpful? However, if these tricks don’t work, go to a professional nail salon, like Element Nails Bar, to remove those chipped SNS nails and get a new one. Stay in touch!

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